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Added Lots of Stickers (Plus More)

Hello world,  how are you all doing today? And what do you think of this product?

Kuntry Life Sticker Duo $5.50

This is just one of many things that I added today. I’m going to keep my post short because I still need to finish explaining why these certain charities are important to me, but I’m grateful for anyone whose taken the time to support my blog/business. So check out all my collections because they all have new products, and now you can even purchase gift cards. Woo-hoo!

on another note check out this throwback

Pressed glitter I made in 2016

I found this in my old blog. From when I sold pressed glitters. The next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my old posts, so I can pass on the knowledge and bring it back. Stay tuned. DIY makeup, craft projects with the kids, and more. 

Stay tuned, so much more to come. 

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