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Android Apps – PART ONE (2023 Version)

So, if you were an avid reader on my previous blog 10 years ago – you would know I blogged a lot about the windows phone. I actually loved the windows phone, I never tried to do any development but I deep dove into every single update. I preordered the newest phones when I have never in my life been like that. Than they got rid of the windows phone and I had to choose between android and apple. So before I was one of those anti iPhone people – until my ex kind of talked me into getting an iPhone. I was able to track the dog down when he ran away and share my location with him so nobody would kidnap me. It was also awesome because I had my phone linked to my daughters and it was so damn convenient. So I am super split between which I prefer

Wordpress Hosting Through IONOS

Now before I go forward with the actual blog post, I just wanted to give a recommendation and if you were to click on this link I could maybe get commission – but the coolest thing is they will plant a tree! I am recommending the exact plan I use for my WordPress site. Why go on the wordpress.com website to build your site (where you have to pay for everything) when you can do the WordPress hosting through IONOS. With IONOS you don’t have the install everything yourself, they make it extremely easy. So you click a few buttons, and than you’re up and running you’re own website and you don’t have to pay ridiculous amounts of money just to use plugins. Not to mention they do have specials when you first sign up – sometimes it will only be $1 your first month and if you choose a cheap domain that’s $1 (which they have many options and yes that’s a dollar for a whole year! You are getting more than your moneys worth. I actually used IONOS the last time I had my blog before this (they were under a different name) and their service has always been excellent. Click on the link below to learn more about hosting your own WordPress site using (in my opinion) one of the best hosting providers out there.

Click Here for Information on WordPress Hosting + Planting a Tree

Creating Your Own Apps

We live in a time where everything is on the phone. When I first started blogging again I was wondering why NO THEMES had sidebars anymore. Well, that’s because it doesn’t necessarily look very good on mobile devices. So I had to revamp everything on my blog so that it would be more mobile friendly. So I did a lot of research on creating your own app (right now my Wise Ideas app is currently in development). I actually really wanted to take the “easy way out” and use one of the mobile builders but quickly decided not to. In the NEXT Part of this blog I will go over all about starting your own app from scratch, HOWEVER, some of these might work for you. I have weird OCD and can spend hours trying to make my website or app perfect and that’s ultimately why I chose to go another route. Not to mention I took coding classes in college the last semester I went. And I am going through a hard time currently and coding is what got me through my Dad’s death (before I found drugs and alcohol).Here I have compiled a list of the different websites I looked at, and why I clicked out (or why I tried it). Than you can compare it all at the end. So let’s begin!

Jotform App Builder (I used their totally FREE version)

** Please Note I do not update the app anymore so while most features work, I cannot guarantee they all do.

Best Choice For BEGINNERS

So I was doing my research online and saw that JotForm, the forms app that I used for people to RSVP for my baby shower (that I never got to have) now had a mobile app creator and I was all on it. For awhile I had the link on the website, but I stopped because when I took screenshots for example, my RSS feed stopped showing and it is ultimately a pain in the ass. Now, I didn’t try the premium version, but this is a great choice if you aren’t worried about being published to the Android or iOS store. It is also VERY simple to use, it is mainly drag and drop and you can customize it to your hearts content. When you are done you get your link and when your users visit the app, they will be asked if they want to add your app to their home screen? It really is simple. Even though it Didn’t work for me, I know that it will work for someone. I totally recommend checking it out. Even if you aren’t into the app builder, they are still my favorite forms provider, and have been for years.
– Easy Drag and Drop Interface
– Completely Free to Build and Publish Your App Online
– Lots of Customization Options1
– Free Version Displays Ads
– I don’t think there is any way to publish into an app store
2If you have a unique app idea, your options are limited

Appstylo (I used the 7 Day Free Trial)

**NOTE: I do not update this app and it was very hard to set up so I wouldn’t put it on your homescreen

I Do Not Recommend/Unsure

So I went to write my review on it and than once I completed my web app I realized why I hadn’t bothered. The free trial is only for 7 days and unless you just want a web to mobile app, it would be $29 a month to just publish into the android store (and you cannot just leave your app alone if you’re updating your website). The screenshots above was the best I could do. It wouldn’t upload my RSS. It wouldn’t upload my website as a WordPress. It lacked customization for sure. I even implemented HTML to change the background and absoutely nothing happened. I am not sure if it’s because I was in my free trial – but I am highly disappointed. Super glad I didn’t even pay the $8 to just have a web app. I didn’t even have the option to customize the parts that don’t look customized. Now it could be really awesome if in the paid version it has better editting features. I am wondering if they did that because I could technically download my Apps SDK right now.
– Drag and Drop Straight Forward Builder
-Built in plugin for users to make accounts and share statuses
-Can implement any website
-Lots of templates to choose from
-Most editing features DO NOT work, even after you save it
-Free Trial is only 7 Days
-Most themes are only for blogs, so if you don’t have a blog it may be difficult.

Andromo (I used their free version)

I do not recommend the free version at least

I understand these websites need to make their money but this was ridiculous. As you can see I added some things (and more stuff that wouldn’t even show up) and I couldn’t even see what it would look like. I mean I am not going to pay for an app if I don’t know what it will look like. I kept trying to view it but the validation error is I don’t have a licensing code through them. The tools aren’t great enough in my opinion to pay for the plus version to build the app. If your goal is to have a portfolio or personal app, this might be a lot better for that.
-Drag and Drop Builder
-Premium Version Helps Publish on to Android and iOS
-A good variety of templates to choose from (personal and shop)
-Doesn’t show a live preview
-Some items don’t even show up
-Doesn’t look appealing in my opinion

Median (I used the Free Version)

Median (I used their free version)

**PLEASE NOTE: I have no been updating the app at all, it’s the version I completed when writing this blog post. I have it for download for reference purposes only, so you know exactly what you are going to get.

I Do Recommend: Especially If You Want To Be In The Play Store

This website was pretty easy to use, I just integrated my website. The only thing I was disappointed with was that I wasn’t able to remove those bottom menus in the screenshots (I did remove them like an hour before I took these screenshots) but so far, this was the ONLY website that let me download the files I would need to upload my app to the app store. And they do that with the free plan which is awesome, you just don’t get the licenses and there will be advertising for them obviously because you are getting a totally free app. I do wish it would have updated the changes I made but besides that, it’s definitely worth a shot because you don’t have to sign up for a free tiral, your plan can start free and stay free. **I hope I included the APK above correctly. I added the Android App Downloads program and then a link to view it. If you want to try out the APK you need to make sure that you’re able to install unknown programs and than you will be able to download it. Definitely try it out if you want an example of what you could get
-They have a totally free plan that includes the APK files you need to publish your app
-Editing isn’t too difficult, the app creator is simple
-They have some tools for free for developers
-There is no licensing with the free version
-Limited features in the drag and drop
-You cannot do the free version if you are doing any type of commerce

GoodBarber (I used the free trial of their $30 a month plan)

**I am not sure how long this link will be good for because I used my own domain, so try it while you can.

I Recommend This For Simple Sites

My website was a little bit complicated, but as you can see in the screenshots above, it really simplified my blog. Now I had an idea that maybe I would break up all the pieces of my website into different mobile apps, and this would be exactly how I would want it to work. Overall the builder is very simple to use. My only issue is that on my laptop it crashed a few times, which is BEYOND ANNOYING.I hate that, but other than that this is a realy good app to create your simple app. I do warn you when you get to the end it does give you step by step instructions on how to connect the google firebase APIs with your project. So there is a little bit of coding,
-Drag and Drop Builder
-Multiple Free Extensions
-Looks Very Nice With Website Intebrated
-Guides you on how to post it in the play store
-Limited Customizing tools in free
-They almost purposely don’t add all files to your domain
-It crashed a few times for me
-Limited Options

Check back in 2 days for the rest of the apps that I used! I went through all of google and not just wrote reviews, but actually tried them all. Soo which one do you think was the best? Is there one you want me to try!? We will connnect on the next one!

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