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Cinnamon Rolls Recipe 2 ways: original land healthy

Cinnamon Rolls Made 2 Ways

**There is affiliate links in this entry that if you click on them and purchase them I might receive a small commission. Also make sure to read my Cookie Privacy Policy regarding the ads and any other legal documents in the footer menu. So before I start going on and…
Crepes Two Ways

Crepes (How to Make Them)

One year for Christmas, someone got my family crepe mix and I was just like..... why? I don't know if it ever got eaten because I surely did not touch it, but it made me realize that there are people that don't realize how easy it is to make crepes.…

Churro Cheesecake Recipe

This has been a post on every blog I've had dating back in 2013. Churro cheesecake is something I got a lot of my friends hooked on because it is so delicious and it is really easy and inexpensive to make! I've made it tons of times and I want…