On this page you will find sources and websites that have helped me create Wise Ideas. Some of these resources are amazing.


Canva is what I use to create a lot of graphics. I am surprised anything replaced Adobe, but Canva is great. You can access it on your phone or desktop, and there’s a great free version. I highly recommend it.


I feel like I am always changing my website around, but some of the icons I have used have come free Icons 8, which offers free icons. Here is some examples:

Ultra- WordPress Theme

I am able to code my own themes, but this took a lot less time and it is the best theme that I have found. It is multi purpose and it looks great on mobile devices. They also offer other themes are very reasonably priced.

Hosting: IONOS

The link above will give me credit and I would appreciate it if you would use my link. I use IONOS for my webhosting and I have used them since they were 1&1. The link will show you the plans to start your own WordPress site and they start at only $1. Yes, $1. Crazy right? There is a lot of great things that come with your contract also, I won’t go to anyone else.

If you deserve credit and I am missing you, please fill out the form below so I can fix that mistake! Thanks for your time!