On most of the products I sell on Wise Ideas Shop, I actually don’t make much of a profit, maybe at the most a dollar – my main focus is on raising money for the nonprofits that are important to me (especially because I am just starting out and it’s hard for me to). One of my biggest missions is to provide premium content that is free. This includes sweepstakes, freebies, free downloads, and keeping prices low for everything. It still costs money to do what I am doing, and any donations would help out a whole lot expand Wise Ideas. Some of the things it would go towards:

  • Paying for shop and blog hosting
  • Creating new and custom products to sell and raise money for nonprofits
  • Fun Contests and Giveaways with Awesome Prizes
  • Different Advertising Services So We Can Expand Our Following
  • ETC

All donations to Wise Ideas are Tax Deductible.

After your donation goes through, you will receive documentation needed for your taxes to prove you made your donation. If you just so happen to choose one of the reoccurring donations, your form will say so. At the end of this page there is table included with any donations that came in and anything I spend from the donations, just so that I am being completely transparent with you guys.

Total Donations and Spending Log

Here is proof of all donations so that

Donation or Receipt?AmountDateTransaction #New Total:
Donation (Self)$1009/28/2023#A0000001$10

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