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FREE Halloween Educational Downloads

So I have finally worked out a format that is going to be best for Wise Ideas these days. It is stated in the newsletter, but I will state it right now as well:

  • Motivation Monday– Lifestyle Posts (Motivation or Photography)
  • Let’s Learn Wednesday– (Technology or Parenting posts)
  • Fun Friday– (Beauty or Foodie Posts)

Now this isn’t to say that there won’t be any posts throughout the week, because today is Saturday and I made a bunch of PDF’s for you parents and/or teachers out there. These are just the set days there will be content. I am really enjoying creating all of these digital downloads though- if you didn’t see my previous posts of my Halloween Cards and Halloween Coloring Pages – which those are okay but I feel like these just turned out so much better. I also made sure to make something for majority of the age groups out there.

At the end of this post there is a donation form, you don’t have to donate, but even if you donate a dollar it helps support Wise Ideas and me being able to provide free content to you (which is my ultimate goal). If there is a worksheet or card that you want me to create, whether it is Halloween or not, please fill out This Feedback Form. I will be happy to make it for you. If you are wanting me to print and mail these to you, go ahead and book me under My Services Provided page and I will get those out to eb you as soon as possible.

Please make sure to leave me a comment at the end of this post, it would mean everything to me! Have a good weekend lovelies.

Letter H Worksheets

Here are two basic Letter H worksheets for your preschooler, Transitional Kindergartener, or Kindergartener. The beginner one is better for a preschooler or TKer and the normal one for a kindergartener (I am going off of my kids skills so adjust for where your child is academically).

Writing and Spelling Worksheets

I created two different worksheets. The spelling sheet would be a good for a first grader – they spell out very basic Halloween words. The second would be good for third grade and above (maybe a lot older depending on the child): it just explains the definition of frightful, gives space to write a few sentences using that word, and has a frightful house to color in.

Halloween Math Worksheets

I created two math worksheets, the first one would be good for first or second graders, it is just basic adding where they can count how many candy corn or bats there is. Some kindergarteners would even be able to do it. The second is a color-by-number worksheet which would be good for preschooler and up. My son is going to end up doing this one.

Trace it All Halloween Cards

These are add-ons to the Halloween Greeting Cards I posted before, but these will make your younger kid feel like they drew it all by themselves. My son loves doing the tracing so he will be making all of these. These are all formatted so you just need to print on regular letter paper, fold, and have your child create.

Advanced Color in Halloween Cards

Another add-on to the Halloween Greeting cards, but these are specifically meant for older kids. I know I would want all of my kids to participate in coloring together, but once they hit a certain age, they aren’t going to want to color in basic pictures -it’s boring. So these have a little more detail, they are also formatted and all you have to do is print, fold, and color.

Color and Shapes Worksheet

The only loner in the group, this is another worksheet for younger kids it is a color and shapes worksheet. The directions are to color the shapes, the same color as the shapes at the top. I even wrote out what the colors are on the shape. I will be doing this with my son because he is awesome with colors and we are working on shapes. All of these worksheets work so much better when an adult explains to them what to do.

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