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How to Organize Your Life


Before I begin with what you are here to read (how to organize your life) I just had to say, I did a thing. Check this out:

The NEW Husky Love Collection

I really wasn’t a fan of the Husky Love T-shirts that I had, so I upgraded them. Now they are more personal. Examples: My Brother has 4 Paws, One of my Kids has 4 Paws, and of course I Love my Husky. Which speaking of organization, I organized things a little more, because I created the collections I just named, under the Husky Love Collection; there is also Phone Cases and Kids and Baby, plus a few more other things. These are just updates to the shop, and there is much more to come. The above graphic you can feel free to share if you want. It is actually a rectangle, but I was messing around and it looks better like that. I used a different program to edit it and I do not care for the program too much – but it still manages to showcase my products nicely. Leave a comment, share, anything. I appreciate the love and support.

Yes, More Digital Downloads

So if you’ve been keeping up on my blog I’m sure you have seen the Educational Halloween Worksheets that I created along with the Birthday Cards, Halloween Greeting cards, and the others I have posted – I actually enjoy creating worksheets. I always have – when I was a kid, I would literally create myself a chore list, just to create it, print it out, and use it every day. I didn’t always get an allowance, and I didn’t really care. I just had a chance to be creative and make something. These days there is everything, so if you aren’t impressed – I get it. But there is always a chance that something might help someone, or inspire them. For that reason, I will always post the worksheets I create. Even if it only helps one person – that is a win in my opinion.

Not to mention, this time I have made sure to make some downloads for you, the adult as well. I do get carried away making worksheets for kids because I do actually use them – at this point in time it’s mainly my son because he is at that age (and I did the same with his older sister and will do the same with his younger sister). Plus, they are very cost effective ways to spend time with your kids, not to mention educational. Which too many people do not care if their kids can read and write or not. I am concerned and will always advocate for it, if you don’t know where to start – maybe download some of them and try them out. If we inspire our kids to learn – they will learn.

So today, I am going to go over the types of worksheets I created and why they are important. There is: the family emergency plan, allowance/chore tracker, weekly schedule, daily schedule, budget planner, and as an added bonus I added some November 2023 calendars and a days of the week worksheet for your kiddo to complete. I do try to make majority of them black and white for people who cannot afford colored ink, if the one worksheet you want isn’t black and white, and you want me to make a black and white version – Fill out This Form and I will.

The Family Emergency Plan

To Keep on The Fridge (an example) so everyone knows the plan in the case that an emergency happens, like a fire or something.

I didn’t make multiple versions of this, but I am thinking of creating one with a different layout. My kids and I have always talked about what we would do in case of an emergency. If you have not, then I really think that you should. These are the reasons why it’s important to create one of these plans:

  1. It ensures the safety and well-being of the whole family
  2. It is prompt and effective communication – nobody will have any second guessing going on
  3. This prevents unnecessary stress (which in emergencies you don’t need any extra stress) and promotes emotional support between family members.
  4. It gives your whole family the ability to act during an emergency much quicker than if there is no plan.

I am the type of person who has the plan absolutely everything – and this is so important. Also make sure to go over the plan and make changes when necessary.

Allowance/Chore Tracker

Chore and Allowance Tracker Worksheets

I guess you could say, the worksheet that started it all for me. Although the ones I used to make were in Microsoft Word, which eventually I will be bringing that template back. However these are sufficient enough. I created the regular chore list where you can either check off or put stickers on the day you finished the chore OR you can do an allowance tracker, and give every chore a value and they either check off or use a sticker to mark that they did it. At the end of the week you total it up and they get the amount that they worked for. I personally think it’s a great way to teach kids the value of a dollar. If you wanted a different color of these, please Fill out This Form and specify what colors and I will make it happen. In the future I will also make one with multiple kids on it, and that is the reason I didn’t prefill anything in because when you have more than one, I know that sometimes the chores change week to week. There is also a place to put the name of whose chart it is, on boith worksheets.

Weekly Schedule

2 Different Weekly Schedule Worksheets. One for kids and the other for grown ups

This is something I have also always done since I was a kid. For kids I did a starter one for the first 4 days of the school week , I used to plan out how I would do my hair, what I would wear, everything. Eventually I will also bring that template back, but here is some reasons you and your child should take part in this:

  • It helps you to organize and prioritize tasks without wondering, “am I forgetting something?” and it teaches your child the same skills.
  • When you have everything visually mapped out, you have more of an idea how much free time you really have, and can plan accordingly. This helps create a balanced life.
  • It promotes accountability and discipline – Not giving in to small permissions (yes, rehab talk. My Gratitude post is another, one day I will go over that in detail) and it teaches our children this while they are young
  • This also prevents stress because you won’t forget something and have to face the consequences of it.
  • Last but not certainly least – it promotes structure in the household and no matter what anyone says – Kids NEED structure. This is a key skill children need to learn.

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule With all the Things

So I won’t get into too much detail, because I just did. By doing a daily schedule you are getting all the benefits I just mentioned in the section before this one. This worksheet has your daily To-Do-List, a Gratitude list to put 3 things you are grateful for, notes, a daily goal, and a place to circle how your overall day went. These are another tool that help with recovery as well.

Budget Planner

If you want one that says 2023, email me at wiseideas@icloud.com and I will send you a copy

I wish I would have started doing a budget planner a lot sooner, I would haved saved a lot of money. Here is 5 reasons you should start doing a budget planner:

  1. Track spending: A monthly budget planner can help you keep track of how much money you are spending each month and identify areas where you can cut back.
  2. Reach financial goals: a budget planner can help you plan for and track progress towards financial goals such as saving up for a down payment on a house or car
  3. Manage debt: a budget planner can be used to help you manage your debt payments and make sure you’re keeping up with them.
  4. Stay on top of bills: a budget planner can help you make sure that you”re paying your bills on time and not missing any payments.
  5. Reduce stress: By having a budget planner, you can take control of your finances and reduce the stress that comes with not knowing where your money is going.

BONUS: November 2023 Calendars and Days of the Week Worksheet

Bonus November Downloads

Last but not least, I have some bonus November 2023 downloads for you. Calendar Style 1 only has thanksgiving marked on it while Style 2 has Veterans day as well. You can use this to learn how to organize also, they are both color in calendars. Than I have a worksheet to teach kids about the month November, and another for the days of the week!

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