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Landscape Photography (FREE to Use)

wooden heart
Landscape Phototgraphy….Actually more so Nature Photography..

They are Free to Use

If you want to use the ones posted feel free to save them but please make sure to give me credit, OR if you want the full size photos please keep on reading. You can also click the link below to join the group because big things are happening,

So I was going through my photos and I have TONS of photography. I am obsessed with sunrises and sunsets. I spent years in the city, which isn’t somewhere I enjoy living – so every time I saw something beautiful, I snapped a photo of it. and I did it a lot. These are all from my iPhone which by far takes much better photos

Using These Photos

I am totally okay with anyone using these photos, I mean if they get used then they have a use besides just sitting in my iCloud, making me sad. Just please read these guidelines/FAQ’s about it:

  • If you want to just save them from my page, you can feel free to do so. The images however are a little small compared to the full size image and there was a few I forgot to adjust, and I would love it if you used the better version.
  • If you want the full-size photos without any watermarks I would be happy to send them to you for a donation. No set price, so you could pay a dollar and I would email you the zipped folder without the watermark, but I would still want credit in some type of way. I’m not saying put a big banner up.
  • If you are wanting a zip folder of full size, adjusted photos without my watermark there is a form at the bottom of this post that you can fill out. This would be easiest way to do so.
  • I own all of these photos, I took them even if I wasn’t the one who created whatever it was I took a photo of (example the heart log) but it’s still beautiful and I think the world would love to see it.

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Getting Sad

I literally got so teary eyed when I was looking at the photos because I kept accidentally turning on live photo hearing my ex’s voice. We’ve been broken up for almost a year, but 2 months ago we spent time together and he made me think things would be different – just for them to get worse. My whole life fell apart for no reason and I was forced to move back to a place I don’t belong. I am happy because I am spending every day with my son. But – it is so hard being somewhere where you don’t belong. And not having a stable home and not really knowing when or if you’ll find a stable home. It is impossible to make it here on one income and I am going to fake a smile and figure something out because I need to get my other two kids back as well.

It messes with me every single day, and I don’t think there’s anyone who understands. I never wanted us to back together because of this, it was so hard for me move past this feeling when we broke up a decade ago. And I don’t know what makes him so different. I’ve always felt it’s because outside things (people in my family doing things that were manipulative and abusive to purposely hurt both of us), drugs, and a lot of other things got in the way of fate so to speak. Things do feel different with him and that’s what is sad also, is this go around he wasn’t the same person he was before.

Neither of us were, but he was just beyond mean to me and took everything out on me. And to be honest, I let him. But I really miss that person, and he just made me out to be such a horrible person and it really hurt my feelings because he never even let me ex-plain my side, because its easier I guess to automatically blame me than actually handle it and take responsibility.

I definitely need to reflect back on my it’s okay to get back up and rise again post and I have. but when I post about personal things or whatever, I am completely transparent because so many people in the recovery community are not. A lot of times whenever someone does speak up and say, dude this is hard, a lot of people will shun them and come up with stupid lies. When I left apparently everyone was saying that I was prostituting at the homeless shelter that I had to laugh at because I would never in a million years do that – but why at the homeless shelter – of all places?

Anyways below are the photos and the form, I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoyed the updates. If you are apart of the contest, there is a question that says EASTER EGG: In the answer form please type this: BANANAHULK. It is random, but its because my son wanted hulk popsicles, but I got these awesome banana ones instead. Below I also posted a few of my affiliate links, which you can feel free to read any legal terms that are in the footer menu. And if you need something else to read you can read about DIY Android App Platforms or the Cinnamon roll recipes I posted yesterday, one of them is even HEALTHY.

Make sure to include int he notes that you are referring to the nature photography and if you want to donate you can click here.

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