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Last Set of Halloween Worksheets for all Ages 2023 Featured Photo

Difficult Holiday Times + HALLOWEEN WORKSHEETS 2023

Getting Personal

Well, this will be the last set of Halloween worksheets for this year, but don’t worry – Halloween is just the beginning of what is to come. I often times will talk about my personal life in some of these posts, but if that is boring to you, go ahead and use the table of contents above this text and just skip this stuff.

I have been feeling very blah to be honest with you. So this year I am beyond grateful because my son and I have a very strong bond. However, I can’t stop thinking of my daughters….every single day. Wondering what they are doing and so many times I have left from seeing my son and started crying. I am the type of person who has to cry alone. If I cry in front of people it’s because I am super hurt, and I have cried in front of people so many times about this. I just prefer to be alone when I cry about it.

I mean, it was “funny” as in if someone saw me, they would be like, “What?” My oldest loved that song Hot Girl Bummer, and when we did our weekly 3 hour drives that was one of the songs on our playlist. I wouldn’t know who the dude is singing that song if it wasn’t for my oldest daughter loving that song. My favorite part of the song was always, “And you want me to change? $%^& You.” Anyways, it came on my shuffle in the car and I usually single while I’m driving because otherwise my road rage gets the best of me and I start flipping people off and getting into fights. All of a sudden, I just start straight up bawling my eyes out because it made me miss my daughter even more.

I know people have their opinions, and my post about Why Kids Need Both of Their Parents is some valuable things that I learned. I always thought my kids were better off without me, and I didn’t want to lose them to CPS and I knew I was homeless, and I knew my ex wasn’t going to help me, and I didn’t want to drag my kids through any more things. I was homeless with my older 2 at one point and we ended up getting really lucky. Regardless, it’s not a simple process to get them back. And I still need to find a permanent place to live. Renting in California is so difficult. I don’t think i will ever make it out here on my own. So now you know where I am at mentally. It’s so weird because everything just feels like a dream, a nightmare. I feel so blank every day and just want my kids with me. It feels like it’s so far out of reach sometimes.

When it comes to my son, I am blessed because his Dad doesn’t try and play that game “I’m not letting you see Kayjay because he can only love me.” At least that’s what it is with my oldest daughter – my youngest is kind of the same the situation, but in a different way. So, I appreciate that. A lot. To be honest majority of my youngest daughter’s Dad’s family is my family too and always will be whether I am with him or not. They were there for me when I was in rehab cheering me on. My son’s Dad and his family are the same way. Like one day one of his family members just said that they all support it and have nothing negative to say about it and I almost cried.

I have spent the last 12 years being looked at with a microscope. Any mistake I made was the end of the world. I had my oldest at 18, I did make some mistakes- but all parents do. I tried my best. The thing is at least her Dad’s family wants to hold me accountable for other people’s actions, because they wish they would have taken her Dad away from his parents. Well, I am not his parents. Maybe I haven’t had all the money, or the expensive house, but there was always love and I always paid attention to them. I love doing fun things with my kids. When I make mistakes, I own up to them. Somehow, the people talking about me the most, aren’t owning up to their mistakes. It is frustrating.

This is just a really hard road for me to walk down. I am making progress though. I got to decorate with my son at his Dad’s house, we got some fun projects to do. This year instead of spending Halloween alone and crying – like I did last year. I literally took a bunch of Benadryl just to fall asleep and I cried myself to sleep in my ex’s room, while he was off doing whatever. I am pretty sure it was that night he tried to take his dog and I started crying and backed into a tree on accident because I didn’t want to be alone. Those were extremely dark times – I was grasping on to anything I could, and the only thing I could was the dog. He was there mainly so I didn’t lose my mind because I didn’t have TV or radio, and barely had a phone. I felt like my whole life was beyond repair, but no matter what the dog still loved me and he was always happy to see me. And after awhile he loved cuddling with me on the bed. He would lay with me and keep me warm, and this was in a time where I felt empty. I didn’t have my kids. I didn’t have any family. I didn’t have any friends. My Ex Was There but Not There, the dog was what kept me going.

I did get off topic, but the point was I don’t want to go back to that mindset, ever. This Halloween will be much different. I wish my family was more like my younger kids families – it’s just weird that they love me more than my own family does. But I am glad because the love shows in my kids. You can always tell when a kid gets a lot of love. And my kids definitely get a lot of love, so at the end of the day, I am happy they get a lot of love. But I am just really sad that I get cut out of their lives when I wanted to protect them.

Fun Halloween Buys

The following links are affiliate links and if you click on them or purchase them, I might receive a small commission. If you have an Amazon near you, you might be able to get them delivered before Halloween. If not, order them for next year. I ordered some of these for next year because I want to be prepared. And just because I missed out this year doesn’t mean I have to next year.

The color in house is what I got for next year. If Kayjay is too cool for it by then, Katerina will be a good age for it. I also added a couple of Halloween Cookie Decorating options along with Halloween Cookie Houses. I got the oreo one, and the next time I go to Kayjay’s Dads we are getting down on that oreo house. I also added pumpkin face stickers because I also got some of those, the last kit with the bat looks very similar to the ones I got. And of course paint because we have to paint the pumpkins also. Hopefully this gives someone some good ideas.

Learning to Count Halloween Worksheets

Grown up coloring book page- halloween

Learn How to Write Numbers 1-10 Halloween Edition

Learn how to write numbers 1-10 Halloween Worksheets

There is 3 different versions, two go over specific numbers and one has them practice writing numbers 1-10 over and over.

Monster Cut and Paste Shapes

Personal Sentence Practice – Halloween

Halloween version of personal sentence practice

Are these Halloween Worksheets not for you? If not you can always Click Here to check out the color in yourself Halloween Cards, Click Here to check out the Halloween coloring pages, or Click Here to check out the Surprise Halloween Worksheets for all ages post that I did recently. I have tried to make sure that there is a little someting for everyone.

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So there you have it. Whether you read my personal portion or not, I appreciate all of you who support my dreams. What do you think of these worksheets? Do you have any requests for new worksheets? Leave me some comments down below! Don’t Forget to Register for an Account and submit your blog entry on any subject you want! I want to read your posts!

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