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I am more than happy to offer my services and the price will always be affordable! Other customization services would be: Custom Resume, Custom Business Cards, Shirts, Stickers, literally anything honestly. I also offer print services, click on the tabs below to view more information and fill out forms for quotes and to schedule consultations!

Dog Walking and Dog Sitting and House Cleaning**Currently Only Available in Sacramento and Redding and their surrounding areas

Here are the local services that I provide:

  • Dog Walking/Sitting- Deposit between $5-$20: I do have references upon request, there is a special link to the calendar to book your times on in case you needed me to watch your furry friend for a few days. The total price depends on the service details, for one quick walk it could be as low as $5, where as if you needed me me to dog-sit for a few nights it would probably be $50. Once you fill out the calendar portion, you will receive your quote before you recieve any invoice.
  • House Cleaning/Yard Work- Deposit between $15-$40: Depending on the situation, I might waive your deposit because I do believe in helping out in certain situations. Just like the dog sitting, please fill out the local services calendar with all the information needed and you will receive a quote before you receive any invoice. I can do house cleaning, help get houses cleaned that have needed it for a long time, and basic yard work like mowing the lawn, etc. If you are elderly or disabled, I am willing to bump the price down to practically nothing, just make sure to mention that so I know.

*****These services are only available in Sacramento or Shasta County California at this current time. Please fill out the local services form below otherwise I won’t be able to book you.

SPECIAL OFFER: Only pay $50 deposit and $150 total for complete web-design and set up (Usual Price $1,500)**

Only 3 people will get the full web-design service for only $150-$300. Once 3 people are booked this deal will be over.

How the Pricing Works

  • -After our phone consultation you pay your initial deposit, which for a basic blog or photography site your deposit would be $50
  • Than right before your soft opening you would pay your second deposit of $50
  • Two weeks after the soft opening, you would pay your final fee of $50 and I would hand off your website to you..
    **Timing is based upon when you need it by.

What to Expect

  1. First schedule your phone consultation, you can book it any time Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.
  2. After you schedule the phone consultation, Click Here to fill out the form of what you want, these are important. One example is what type of website do you want? Some examples are a simple blog or portfolio, e-commerce, dating website (full list is provided on the form)
  3. You also need to choose what services you want. Services included with every order are: web hosting and domain set up, complete build/rebuild of website, total branding and copyright, having proper legal documentation on your page according to the law, Full Stack Development, Any CMS you desire, and cross platform development.
  4. Once you have filled out the form, our consultation date will come and we will go from there. You will tell me when you need your website and we will make it happen. For best results I do recommend making sure we have at least 4 weeks to ensure that I get you website up and running correctly.

My History/A Little About Me

I had to leave the web design industry a few years ago, but it remains my true passion and now I’m back and ready to assist you in creating the website you’ve always envisioned. I can develop any kind of website for you, whether it’s for your store, services, blog, portfolio, informational purposes, and much more. I am currently in the process of retrieving the majority of my portfolio, which includes the websites I’ve built from 2006 to the present day. I’ve been able to grow alongside the internet, reminiscing about the days when I used Adobe Paint Shop Pro to create my layout templates (and had to use the program to code them) and when I coded my entire website in Notepad before uploading it via my FTP client. My love for web design began when my uncle gave me an HTML book, and although he probably didn’t expect me to read the entire thing, I did. Since then, I’ve never gone more than two years without reopening my blog. While I am primarily self-taught, I have also taken various courses at community college, including Python, Java, and other subjects that I’ve been required to take repeatedly (typing, Microsoft Office suite, basic computer skills, etc.). I can even help you create your own community website if that’s what you desire. This is my passion, and I won’t rest until your website is perfect.

**$50 deposit is if you have a simple website like a blog or portfolio. Websites like ecommerce or dating will be anywhere from $75-$100 deposit. $1500 is the price my clients paid me in 2019.

Only Pay $1 and I’ll advertise your website

I would take advantage while you can, because the price will go up, but you can keep this affordable rate. Fill out the phone consultation form, the time slots are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time, and Click Here to fill out the form that goes with this so I have an ideas of what you want. Some of the places I can advertise you are:

  • Banner on my website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • In a blog post

Book your consultation today!

****The pricing is $1 per platform for an allotted period of time. We will come up with a contract that works for both of us

For any other services, please fill out the request a quote section on this page. Here is the other services that I offer:

Custom Print Services-

  • Business Cards
  • Resumes
  • Certificates
  • Stickers
  • Worksheets
  • Planners
  • Custom Design before Print Services
  • Custom Design – You tell me what you want, I make it happen
  • If something isn’t listed, just ask for a quote. I can make anything happen (within reason, with printing and graphic design anyways)

Request a quote using the form down below