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Starting Over

  • I got my domain name wiseideas.me
  • Finally set up emails for my website 
  • Started The Husky Lovd Collection where 25% of all proceeds goes to the husky halfway house
  • Started the Kuntry Lixd Collection where 25% of the proceeds goes to the wounded warriors project 
  • Started my brand merch where all proceeds go into building and expanding wise ideas 

Plus I tested out basically every e-commerce platform there was until I sa pleased with what I saw. Here is a few things coming really soon:

  • Loyalty and Rewards Program 
  • Contest/Sweepstakes 
  • Custom e-cards you can send for a very low price
  • Affiliate program 
  • A clothing collection to donate proceeds to the National Suicide Prevention Center
  • A product collection where proceeds will be donated to The Red Roads (drug abuse/recovery)

It’s all going to take some time and I am impatient, but stay tuned! I am also going to post some of my old posts (if I can still find them I know some are on pinterest) and we can see how much ivd changed in A decade. 

It’s been a long day and I’m still having car issues and difficulty finding someone whose willing to trade a different car for it. It will all happen in due time. For now, I’m going to attempt to relax so I can work hard on my brand again tomorrow.

Good night world.

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