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Cleaning and Sterilizing Your Newborns Bottles


**This blog entry is a throwback from my previous Wise Ideas Blog in 2019


With my daughter I put water in a pot on the stove and warmed it up. I did this for months. I used to sleep on the couch at her 4am-7am feeding to watch TV. Well one morning I made her a bottle and fell asleep feeding her, and woke up the smoke detecor going off. I literally forgot to turn off the burner and almost burned my house down. I started microwaving the after that.

After she was 9 months I stopped warming her bottles up all together. So you know this time with my son, I’m a seasoned mom and I’m going to do my own research this time instead of just always listening to my grandma and mom (lol). So in the beginning I didn’t warm my sons formula at all because online said it didn’t make a difference. I swear the first 2-3 weeks of his life he did nothing but cry. I was so overwelmed that I, myself, the mom was crying. I thought he was broken.

I bought the bottle warmer when he was 3 days old (December 8th 2018) mostly because my mom was like you need to warm up his bottle and someone got me an amazon gift card. I initially got this particlar one because it was $9, although last I looked it was $15 which I don’t think is bad. I also didn’t start really using it the way I do now until probably 4 weeks ago (but who really knows…….my days are so damn off because I’m hardly sleeping. HAH.

So did I make the right decision? What did I get anyways? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

The First Years 2 in 1 simple serve bottle warmer

The Bottle Warmer I got for $9 on Amazon

The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

So check this thing out. I got it for its affordable price, not knowing much about bottle warmers.I was going to borrow one but I felt bad about asking so I just invested in a cheap one with my gift card (cheap because I was super broke and had to purchase some Enfamil Newborn formula at the time). I feel like I barely looked at it…….or I forgot because you kow I have been sleep deprived. Of course Amazon never lets me down. It’s funny because damn near everything  Kayjay has is from Amazon. Amazon or Target (my 2 addictions) and I know that makes me sound like a “basic” white girl, but, oh well!

The Bottle Warmer Taken Apart

The bottle warmer all taken apart so you can see everything it comes with

It taken apart so you can see all the parts it came with

So as you can see here, it comes with 5 different parts. These parts claim that they help the bottle warmer accomplish all of the following:

  • Warm up Cold or Room Temp Bottles
  • Warm up Baby Food
  • Sterilize Pacifiers

So I know that kinda made me interested. Let’s also keep in mind here this was BEFORE I bought a sterilizer. I was still doing bottles the ancient way. So these are the pieces that are included:

  • The actual bottle warmer
  • A basket
  • A lid (i guess) for sterilizing pacifiers
  • A top
  • And a flask that has minutes as the measurements

Okay, so simple enough. I do have ONE complaint though. I was really just focusing on written instructions and I had my whole bottle warmer sitting there, just looking messy and honestly ridiculous. It was bugging me so much I almost thought I got some stupid, broken bottle warmer. No, I just forgot what the pictures looked like, apparently. I’ll blame the sleep deprivation.

Your Bottle Warmer Assembled

Most definitely make sure it’s assembled correctly. I had the warming guide on my fridge and it’s way more convenient in the back. First you place the basket in SIDEWAYS which is the key word here. I had mine front ways, I felt ridiculous. Than the basket also SIDEWAYS, and the top SIDEWAYS. Then the little flask you clip on the top. Honestly on a normal basis the top and the lid to the flask are in a bowl with my sterilized pacifiers. It really does not take up too much space.

Does it  Warm the Formula?

So this is how it looks when I warm up a 4 ounce AVENT bottle. Now after reading instructions, I suppose I’ve been doing it wrong……I’ve thought I’ve done it wrong 3 different times. So this might not be the totally correct way but it works for me! So here is how I warm up the small bottles (room temp formula):

  1. Fill flask to match the number of ounces (example: 4 ounces, 4 minutes)
  2. Pour it in the bottle warmer with the basket inside
  3. Place bottle in bottle warmer
  4. Place top over the bottle
  5. Press the button and wait.

For bigger bottles (like 9 ounce AVENT bottles) I do not put the top on because it won’t fit. It won’t fit on all bottles, but I feel like it makes it work better. I does make the bottle hotter, but the actual formula inside is the temperature you ant.
For formula that has been in the fridge (like ready to feed for premade) I flat out always put it in for 5 minutes. I will only premake smaller bottles that the top fits over because I feel like it doesn’t get warmed up enough and my son is SO picky
As for warming up breastmilk   I would assume it’s the same but if at one point one of my friends is breast feeding and comes over, I will ask them to use this for blogging purposes and update this post.
For warming up baby food: I’m not sure yet, I’ve actually NEVER thought about warming up baby food before, but I am going to try it when my son starts on real food and update this post

So honestly my bit of advice when it comes to actually warming it up, is the guide (at least for me) is worthless. I followed it so exact at first and it didn’t work. And honestly what works for me might be different, so play around with it a little bit. Don’t give up, you’ll figure it out.

Sterilizing Pacifiers

So this is what it looks like put together when using it to sterilize. My son is a binky baby so this comes in handy because it’s pretty quick and not as much work as sterilizing the bottles. I can’t remember what the exact instructions are, this is just how I do it. So if it’s different do it however you prefer.

  1. Make sure basket is in warmer
  2. Put 2.5 (2 1/2) minutes (measurement in vial) in the bottle warmer
  3. Place your pacifiers in warmer
  4. Place the blue top on top
  5. Then seal it with the topper
  6. Press the power button
  7. Wait 5 minutes before removing

Something I have realized is I do remember it said it could sterilize 2 at a time and I was like whatever that’s fine. Well I’ve done 3 before and it worked just fine. And he only takes the MAM pacifiers. However you do it is your choice.

Avoid Giving a Bad Review

I did not read any reviews on it until today and honestly most of them are about it being dirty and collecting mold. Honestly, anything with water and steam has that risk so I literally clean it at least once a week. I’m not sure why anyone would not clean something that they use for their baby. I really don’t believe someone who cleans it DAILY still gets mold like in the pictures. Give me a break. I don’t believe that.

A funny way I accidentally cleaned the bottle warmer (I wouldn’t necessarily try this but…….) was kind of ridiculous. I’m going to say something a lot of people wouldn’t do. Please avoid commenting if it offends you that I do this with my own child, but sometimes the old school tricks are the only ones that work. Sometimes I put karo syrup on his pacifer so I washed them with my bottle soap because they were sticky. I rinsed them off really good (i thought) and put them in there to sterilize. I look over and its like totally bubbling and scaring me. Then it just went down…….my pacifiers were clean (i did sterilize them again though) and the bottom was also cleaner and I just wiped it totally out. This honestly happens to me quite often, but I don’t think its good for your bottle warmer.

So ultimately, I do recommend this bottle warmer.

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