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Dr Browns Formula Mixing Pitcher


What is the Dr Browns Formula Mixing Pitcher? I was on Amazon one day, looking at stuff to buy with my gift card I got for my baby shower. SO many choices. I actually got it for $9 which I guess is pretty cheap! So I initially got it because I wanted to make night time easier. Sometimes it’s a pain in the ass to measure out water and formula and than put it in the bottle warmer at 3am – with a baby crying extremely loud. So I thought, hey? I could premake his bottles for the night and avoid that whole thing.

Well, it’s even more convenient than I thought. It actually keeps the air bubbles from getting in the bottle. Which when we were using Enfamil, it was SO FOAMY. I was awful. And when I was only using Enfamil I was actually premaking all of his bottles because dealing with a gassy baby is extremely difficult.

So does it work? Well I did a pictorial So you can see it in action, a real live person. Not someone who works for Dr Browns. I do not, I am writing this review at my own free will.

Gather Your Supplies 

So first you want to get everything ready. You want to get out your baby water, the pitcher (obviously), your formula of choice (I’m using Similac for Spit Up and Alimentum), and the bottles for storage.

Fill Up the Pitcher 

It has measurements on the side, it might be hard to read. But I am making 4, 4 ounce bottles to last me the night. So I need to make 16 ounces of formula.

Add Your Formula 

Since I was doing 16 ounces of formula, I needed 8 scoops of formula. Since I mix formulas, I used 4 scoops of each formula.

Twist on the Lid

Make sure the lid is secure so that there is no spills. It will look something like this.

Move the Handle Up and Down

After mixing for a little bit it will look like this. And if you notice the photo all the air bubbles stay at the top, which is great for gassy babies or babies with colic (like my little man).

Pour into Prepared Bottles

I mean as you can see in this picture, there is no air bubbles. That in itself is impressive!

Put Tops on And Store 

Make sure to put on the tops and to store them in the refrigerator for NO LONGER than 24 hours. When your baby is hungry just pop it in the bottle warmer, or warm however you prefer to and it is totally ready. So I can go on with my routine which is put bottle in warmer, measure out his colic and gas drops, change his diaper, give him the colic and gas drops, go back in kitchen and clean the syringes, and by that time the bottle is done so I check it on my wrist and feed him.

Is it worth it?

YES – it is totally worth it. I am a single mom and do everything by myself and this makes things a little more convenient. & It’s totally good for gassy and colic babies. Not to mention it’s affordable. When I price checked today, it was $16 on amazon but you can always look for other deals. I got mine from Amazon when it was on sale for $9. I think it’s fairly cheap if you go into a Target store to purchase it.

Purchasing Your Own Pitcher

Since purchasing this pitcher 4 years ago. Dr Browns has obviously an upgraded version. I actually had the new one for my baby I had in 2021, it’s the exact same thing but in grey. Click on the picture below to be linked to the Amazon page to purchase it yourself. I do not make any money off purchase links on this post, I am just spreading the knowledge to other parents in need!
The original Formula Pitcher

**PLEASE NOTE: This post is from one of my previous blogs in 2019, but it is still Wise Ideas material. If you share this blog post, please give me credit!❤

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