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THROWBACK Nail Tutorial and Beauty Gallery

Nail Design I did in 2014

So once upon a time, I had a blog I didn’t think anyone would ever read and I would post about exactly how I did the nail designs that I ended u doing, or just the designs. This was like 8 years ago, like a good example is the image I put next to this paragraph (at least on a desktop, it’s got a dream catcher and tribal print) I am actually shocked that I in fact did that nail design on myself. It’s shocking because now I have to take medication for my tremors (constant shaking) and although I have seen much better, it was pretty good because I also know when i did a lot of the blogging for Diverse Squid – I had to make it happen with what I had. Which wasn’t usually much. That is probably the big reason that I had so much DIY (do it yourself) projects on there. So I have been getting in depth with things and I have been working on follow up posts: my Seborrheic Dermatitis post is one I have been working on every day. Although I am having a harder time than I ever had in the past to get a lot of traffic on my site, I am determined to give a lot of information on that one particular subject because I couldn’t find anything online – and I truly hope it does help someone.

**NOTE: This post might contain some affiliate links where that if you click and purchase those items, i would earn a small commission. It is not mandatory that you do so and nobody paid me to write this post. If I referred them it’s because I really like them.

So I have more throwback posts to post and a few of them were beauty related with not very much content. Than, I finally got into my iCloud after a year and although I wasn’t blogging during that time, i feel like I was taking pictures so I could one day blog about them (Which i suppose is now going to happen). So this is a little show off post I guess, and honestly I would love it if you would join The Community, there is a beauty group and I’d love to see the looks and nail designs you have to show off. My goal is to start a supporters gallery – So send them my way. Help a start up out.

THROWBACK Nail Design Gallery

As you can see none of these are that special. The really cool camouflage ones were Jamberry and yes I did sell them. I was so excited but to be honest, they weren’t that great. Although it came with a heater I always had to use my blow dryer and they never stayed on correctly. i had joined because I wanted them to work so bad. I never even made any money which totally sucked. For the messy ones, I remember I bought an LA Colors set from K-Mart, if you wanted to check out one of the colors I have it included because it is super cheap and prime eligible (at least when I posted this).

THROWBACK Makeup Posts

So these aren’t the most impressive, but I was excited to post them. I got the Maybelline Voxbox and neither of the colors looked good on me. I wasn’t very impressed, but their New York Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara is legit and I still use it to this day. I prefer water-poof in the summer so I don’t look like a raccoon. So really these are just for show, and because I finally joined Amazon Associates I posted links for an empty Z-palette (in my beauty haul photo) and a few others, just so if you were curious you know now. I also shared what I use for my eyebrows. I already naturally have some bushy eyebrows so I just use tinted gel because there is one part of each brow that is missing – so it fixed that. i don’t like the super fake looks. but to each their own. One is budget friendly and one is feeling boogie.

Nail Tutorial

Nail Tutorial in Pictures

Now its pretty simple, I could probably even do this tutorial now and days. Doing the heart is easy with a Nail Art Dotting Tool or if you don’t have one a bobby pin gets the job done just as well (that is exactly what I used for the tutorial). I posted links for what you could purchase to achieve this nail look.

The Nail Polish Gallery #2

So I finally got into my iCloud like I said before, and I did find a bunch of pictures like this:

Bubz all Blurry

And I was kind of thinking okay I don’t have anything that is worth sharing on my blog, and than I see this photo:

Heart Shaped Wood Cutting With My Ex

Which both photos made me super sad. That first photo makes Bubz look wild, but if you read This Post About the Husky Halfway House you will realize my phone just caught him at a weird time (there is a lot of pictures of him being by my side while I was pregnant; I was pregnant in that photo). And than obviously heart shaped wood isn’t on the whole beauty topic and I probably need to reflect back on my Breaking Up is Okay post but I’m going to keep it totally real just in case it ends up helping someone – That I am still having a hard time and it is so hurtful because he really doesn’t care and he never did. It is totally his loss, but it’s hard when that person taught you how to drive and they used to be your best friend your whole teenage years, and than when you dated a decade ago you went through a lot on top of everything the past few years. I just hate that he doesn’t care, BUT regardless if he cares or not, I remember he had me take this picture with the chainsaw in it and I have a few more and it is definitely blog worthy. I mean I wanted to help him monetize all these videos he had me take of him, but he always accuses me of doing stuff I would never in a million years do. I guess it’s his loss.

BUT ANYWAYS. Here is the second nail gallery and every single one of these photos, I used color street nail strips. I am super pissed off because when I moved out of sober living someone there stole all of my nail strips (and deodorant, freaking weirdos) and I did spend a lot of money on them. However, Amazon actually offers them, which I posted some of my affiliate links below that and they are worth the price on Amazon. But I no longer sell Color Street and I initially signed up to support my ex’s cousin who I love whether I’m with him or not – and I ended up genuinely loving them. The photo of my nails NOT freshly done is after a 4 weeks of wear. Yes, 4 weeks. And at the time I was pregnant and any time I would hang out with my ex he would have me helping him stack firewood and stuff. So it is really impressive. I no longer sell color street nail strips, but I still love them and the photos honestly speak for themselves. These are the just the last ones I had in my iCloud. Maybe eventually I will do a second gallery, we shall see.

Last But Not Least…….

This is just a little bonus category. For the birth announcement and my maternity photos- pretty much everything was from Shein. The onesie I had gotten on Etsy but I did fine a similar onesie for anyone that wants one (I just saw it and I HAD to have it). Which is was special because both of my parents passed away and my ex’s Dad had passed away a year before she was born. My ex never listened to me but I thought it was super special. Everything else came from Shien and legit the most expensive part was having someone take the photos – which I found someone who starting up and was happy to support her business. Pretty sure I saved the baby bump photo because you could see my nails. Gosh these make me so sad, who knew what life would turn into? But I’m not giving up, I have just been through a lot of shit since these photos. And I imagined life going a lot different. Maybe eventually I will do a Shein post, but I guess I am just showing them off. So I think that’s all for now folks! I really do want to see your photos! Do you have nail and beauty pictures or perhaps any photos you think of when you look at the Shein photos? Click Here to Sign Up for My Community. And I just added a new group in reference to this group – post them all and you might make the spotlight!

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